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20-60mm Cream Pebble

20-60mm Cream Pebble is a nice off white colour and a perfect addition around pavers and for garden beds.

Railway sleepers

We stock high quality ex-railway sleepers. They’re huge, they’re tough and they make excellent garden features, retaining walls or garden edging.

Retaining wall sleepers

We stock a range of pine retaining wall sleepers.

Ice Pebble 50-80mm

Ice Pebble is a very white decorative pebble in the 50-80mm size.

Tumbled Basalt

Tumbled Basalt is a 30-50mm basalt rock that has been tumbled to take the sharp edges off and create a smoother river pebble look. It’s mainly used for decorative purposes in pots and garden beds.

20-100mm Rubble

20-100mm rubble is a rock product mainly used in areas where larger rock is needed such as soft spots or bases for smaller material to create a hard area.

7mm Multi-Pebble

This pebble is 7mm in size and has a variety of colours through the mix including cream, grey and brown. It’s commonly used along paths and driveways.

40mm Granite Aggregate

This is a grey granite aggregate material. The colour is generally grey to blue. It’s a great inorganic mulch for garden areas or decorative paths.

Shamrock Crushed Rock

Shamrock 20mm Crushed rock. High quality basalt rock for when you’re looking for the darkest and highest quality rock on offer.

Formboss steel edging

We’re a Formboss stockist. This long lasting steel edging is famous for the rusty finish of the Redcor steel. Also available in galvanised finish it’s a great modern take on garden edging with no further maintenance required.

Garden Edging

We have various sizes and lengths of timber garden edging and retaining wall sleepers available. We stock all of the accessories to connect the edging together.

Grandeur Toppings

Grandeur Toppings is approximately 7mm and smaller in size. It is a grey granite product with a small flick of brown granite through it. This product will compact hard and it is suitable for driveways and pathways.

Premium Garden Blend Soil

Our garden blend soil is a blend of soils and organic fertilisers which gives a fantastic light-weight soil that has great drainage and nutrient characteristics. The pH level is commonly 6.5-7. We’ve produced this great soil so that you don’t need to add anything to it, just spread it out and you’re ready to plant or lay instant lawn over.
(Not suitable for native plants)

Coldstream Toppings

Coldstream toppings is a 10mm minus crushed limestone.

It is recommended to have a crushed rock base underneath the toppings to give them a hard compacted finish.

Coldstream Landscape Rocks

The Coldstream Landscape rocks are generally 400mm-800mm in size and each rock is a mix of blues and rusty golds

Instant Turf

Donnelly’s Garden Supplies is a licensed supplier of Sir Walter Buffalo Turf, a drought and shade tolerant variety. Sir Walter requires minimal irrigation and fertiliser to maintain colour and can be mown shorter than other Buffalo types. Sir Walter provides a good quality lawn in both sun and shaded areas.

Sir Walter Premium Lawn Turf is a superior quality soft buffalo grass giving unmatched performance for Australian conditions. Here you can find out all there is to know about this ideal, low maintenance lawn called ‘Sir Walter’.

Benefits of Sir Walter:

  • Drought Tolerant Lawn
  • Premium Buffalo
  • Shade Tolerant Turf
  • Lush Green Lawn
  • Low Maintenance Lawn


A warm season turf that thrives in sun and heat. Eureka-Kikuyu turf performs at its best when cut between 25-50mm and mown short each spring to reduce thatch. Ryegrass can be sown into the Kikuyu turf in autumn as a companion species to give winter colour. Kikuyu turf can go dormant for approximately 8 weeks during Victorian winters.

Tif Tuf

This fine leaf couch is drought resistant and shade tolerant. It has high wear characteristics and requires low maintenance. It’s the classic ‘lawn bowl’ fine bladed grass.

Tall Fescue

Extremely dark green colour all year round, Tall Fescue is ideal for front lawns and shaded areas. Tall Fescue cuts well with all mower types. Tall Fescue is treated with Acelypryn to ensure grub free turf for 3 months from delivery.


This product ranges in size from 30cm to over a metre. It has a layered slate look to it and is a dark purple colour. It looks great once slightly dug in to the garden bed to appear naturally positioned. Perfect for steps and water features.


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