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Product Category: Toppings

Toppings are the higher quality finishing products used for paths and driveways. They are generally more uniform in colour and shape than other crushed rocks and are much more visually appealing.

Please note there are natural variations in colour and sizing of products. No guarantees are offered. Viewing products prior to purchase is recommended for optimum satisfaction.

Tooborac Toppings

Tooborac Toppings is a Granitic gravel used on the Tan track in Melbourne and makes for a great decorative pathway or driveway. Lay over compacted crushed rock for best results.

Tumbled Basalt

Tumbled Basalt is a 30-50mm basalt rock that has been tumbled to take the sharp edges off and create a smoother river pebble look. It’s mainly used for decorative purposes in pots and garden beds.

Grandeur Toppings

Grandeur Toppings is approximately 7mm and smaller in size. It is a grey granite product with a small flick of brown granite through it. This product will compact hard and it is suitable for driveways and pathways.

Coldstream Toppings

Coldstream toppings is a 10mm minus crushed limestone.

It is recommended to have a crushed rock base underneath the toppings to give them a hard compacted finish.

Tuscan Toppings

Tuscan toppings is a great looking product to finish off your driveway or path. It is a rich Tuscan / Terracotta colour. It contains fine material and compacts well. It is a 20mm down to dust size.

Tuscan Aggregate 20mm

Tuscan Aggregate is used for pathways, driveways and garden beds as a mulch.

Tuscan Aggregate 40mm

Tuscan Aggregate is mainly used as a decorative inorganic garden mulch.

Granitic Sand

Granitic sand is a soft decomposed granite that is used for pathways and driveways. It’s recommended to have a crushed rock base underneath. It’s commonly used by councils and new estates on pathways leading around the estates. Final product is a sandy brown colour.

Brown Granite Toppings

This products is a 10mm minus brown granite. It looks great on paths and driveways and compacts quite well.

14mm Black Scoria

Black Scoria is a great alternative to wood mulches as it does not break down over time and need topping up and it also retains it’s colour where as over time the wood mulches will fade. It’s a great garden mulch or decorative topping for walkway areas or around pavers.


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