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December Details

The silly season is here! Don’t be too silly and forget about your garden this December! As per previous months, December is the time of the year to get your garden ready for the hotter months to come.

If you can remember nothing else, remember this! MULCH, MULCH, and more MULCH, do not leave a centimetre exposed.  Choose a sustainable, low environmental impact mulch, one that will enrich your soil as it breaks down. Bare soil is an invitation for weeds to grow and rob your plants of nutrients. Mulching your garden helps to protect delicate root systems from drying out and helps your garden to retain moisture in the hotter months. Keep mulch a couple centimetres off the trunks of your plants so they do not develop collar rot.
At Donnelly’s we recommend putting down Rapid Soak Water Storing granules in your garden underneath your mulch. If you already have mulch down, don’t stress! You can move it away from your plants slightly, add Rapid Soak around the bottom of your plants and then move mulch back. Rapid Soak is the perfect summer all-rounder and can also be used on your lawn to help with water retention. This product will store water and stop your lawn drying out so much, meaning less water and less money spent on the water bill. When mowing, keep the length of your lawn a little longer in the summer as this helps to keep the root systems cooler and retaining water.

Rapid Soak granules can also be added to all your pot plants too, so make sure you head into Donnelly’s and grab this great product.

Another important summer tip when watering your garden is to make sure you are watering your plants and turf deeply, at least 7cms, as this will allow you to water less frequently.

When watering and feeding existing fruit and vegetables make sure you are watering in your fertilizers as they will burn your plants if you forget this!  

Get out early in summer mornings and feed your roses. With roses, it is best to water them in the morning and afternoon, so they have time to dry out before night time to reduce fungal infections. With your garden flowering heavily in December, make sure you are removing dead heads to encourage further flowering.

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