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5 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes Lighting a Wood Heater

As the weather begins to cool down, we are ramping up sales of our Red Gum Firewood! There’s nothing like the warm glow and warmth from your indoor wood heater if you can get it started that is. It’s very common that after a year not in use, our customers can often forget some basics to getting their fire lit and keeping it flaming!


Here are five common mistakes! Are you doing any of these things?


  1. Using too much newspaper or using glossy coloured paper – We suggest using half a dozen sheets of plain newspaper, placed in balls in the centre of the fireplace.
  2. Using wet or rotten wood
  3. Smothering the fire- Don’t smother the fire with large pieces of timber, add them in slowly.
  4. Getting impatient!- It’s important not to disturb a fire until kindling has formed red embers, then without flattening the fire, introduce more kindling and small pieces of firewood.
  5. Using incorrect timber- Our Red Gum Firewood is easy to split, lights easily, and burns for a long time.


Head into Donnelly’s to grab some at $165 per cubic metre or contact us on (03) 9782 2855 to place your order!

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