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School Holiday DIY Concrete Stepping Stones

July school holidays are here! How about grabbing a bag of our General Purpose cement and working on some easy DIY concrete projects with the kids? Wet concrete is quite easy to work with, and any mistakes can easily be fixed or reworked.

DIY Garden Stepping Stones are an easy project to start with, kids of any age will love the chance to get their hands dirty (or adults!).

You will need:
A mould for your stepping stone (an old cake tin can work well for this!)
Quick setting concrete
Embellishments (shells, glass beads, tiles, stones)
Old bucket
Old spoon or paint mixer
Nonstick cooking spray
Rubber gloves
Old newspapers

Basic Instructions:

1. Stay outdoors! This is a project that is best done outside. Protect your surfaces from stray lumps of concrete by spreading the old newspapers far and wide!
2. Fill your mould with a heaped pile of concrete mix to determine how much you will need to mix. Pour the concrete mix into your bucket.
3. Coat your mould with cooking spray to prevent the concrete from sticking after it dries.
4. Mix water into the concrete mix, a small amount at a time, until it resembles the consistency of sour cream or very thick cake batter. Refer to the instructions on your concrete mix for further details or ask a Donnelly’s team member for assistance.
5. Spoon or pour your mixed concrete into the mould and spread it until it’s smooth. Lift the stone and tap it gently a few times (as you would a cake) to help smooth the surface and release any hidden air bubbles, only do this if your mould is sturdy enough!
6. Let your kids personalise the surface of their stone with handprints, their names or various other embellishments.
7. Once your child is satisfied with their design let the stone dry in a safe, covered spot overnight. Once the stone is completely dry, carefully pop it out of the mould and let it set for another 5 to 7 days before using it as a stepping-stone.

Donnelly’s is proud to now be operating alongside Wholesale Plants Direct, who are offering wholesale and clearance prices on a range of plants direct to the public. Grab your cement for your project and some new plants to feature alongside your garden stepping stones easily. Both Donnelly’s and Wholesale Plants Direct have team members available to assist, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

6 Tips On How To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

As the weather begins to cool down, so often we see our children reaching for the heating remote. The average reverse cycle air conditioner costs around $0.33 – $0.40 per hour to run for heating purposes. An electric radiator heater costs about the same at $0.33 per hour, as does an electric panel heater at $0.40. A gas heater costs more at $0.47 – $0.52 per hour and as gas prices are set to rise this will begin to increase. It’s important to teach children good energy use habits early and to value the costs of living in a home. (more…)

5 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes Lighting a Wood Heater

As the weather begins to cool down, we are ramping up sales of our Red Gum Firewood! There’s nothing like the warm glow and warmth from your indoor wood heater if you can get it started that is. It’s very common that after a year not in use, our customers can often forget some basics to getting their fire lit and keeping it flaming! (more…)


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